The Garden Tower 2 is a 50 Plant Worm-Composting System that uses House Hold Kitchen Scraps to Maintain Healthy Soil, created by Garden Tower Project

The Earth Tower Garden is a Vertical Tower Garden System with a Water-Feeding System, Engineered to keep plants Organically Feed and Watered, created by Earth Tower Gardens.



The GT2 Vertical Garden Tower System is an innovated new perspective on gardening, incorporating the very Nature of Botany, Biology, and Technology. Utilizing Kitchen Scraps and Earth Worms to create Compost is as old as dirt itself. (Pun Intended) The truth is, a vegetable garden cannot produce in a plentiful nature if the soil does not contain the proper nutrients. Composting Biodegradable Food Scraps processed by Earth Worms insures Healthy Soil. As the worms eat and move the Worm Castings make it possible to speed up the process of creating Nutrient Charged Fresh and Fertile Compost.

The Garden Tower 2 provides an industrialized incorporation of the compost to plant food process by adding an organically fed worm habitat inside the tower. By keeping the worms healthy, you create a natural comfortable home for Earth Worms. When we as humans feel uncomfortable in our environment, we move. Earth Worms follow automatic reactions to do the same. If the worm is not comfortable where it is, it will leave. By keeping your Compost Column Healthy, filled with worm food and at a desired temperature the Earth Worms will happily feed your future veggies. Happy Earth Worms Equal Nutritious Food.

Garden Tower Project is pioneering a new age concept of Gardening. We believe the future will show that the innovation engineered into the GT2, Garden Tower 2 enhances the way we all get ourVegetables and Herbs. The Garden Tower Project allows people in harsh climates to grow with more abundance. The GT2 is Ideal for Patios, Porches, Balconies, and Tiny House living. It’s designed for accessibility making the perfect garden spot for Seniors, Wheelchair accessibility, or those challenged with bending, kneeling or squatting. The Garden Tower 2 qualifies as an Easy Space Saving Garden.


First introduced in the 1980’s, The Earth Tower Garden has been updated and is scientifically Engineered to Water, Fertilize and Aerate the Soil so Vegetables and Flowers can Thrive.

The Earth Tower Garden is a great method for introducing Children into Gardening. Kids really enjoy having their own Garden with Vegetables or Flowers, but when a child grows their food themselves, they are more likely to eat a Vegetable they otherwise may not be willing to try. Even Spinach takes on a new desire for a youngster when they grow it themselves.

Earth Tower Garden is a Four Foot High, Four Sided Vertical Garden with Forty-six Feet of Garden Row in Only a Two-Foot by Two-Foot Space. The Earth Tower Garden comes with Caster Wheels for Easy Moving and Rotating. Made of Strong Rot Resistant Cypress with a Non- Toxic Stain. Easy to Water and Fed via Interior Reservoir. The Earth Tower Garden is Perfect for Patios, Balconies, Decks, Small Yards, Sidewalks, Schools, Sunrooms, Poolside, Rooftops and Retirement Villages. The

EarthTower Grows Large Amount of Flowers, Vegetables, Greens, Strawberries and Herbs. Children and Grandchildren really enjoy the EarthTower because they are Eye Level with the Plants. People in Wheelchairs, or those who cannot Bend Down or Lean Over and Enjoy Gardening Again. The EarthTower Garden also qualifies as an Easy Space Saving Garden.

EASY SPACE SAVING GARDEN is dedicated to educating children in Easy Vertical Gardening . The GardenTower 2 and the EarthTower Garden both are Easy Space Saving Garden methods for teaching children. The Vertical Garden concept makes for an Easy Garden with minimized daily attention and reduced labor to create Easy Vertical Gardening. No more tilling the ground, weeding with a hoe or getting on your knees to weed your garden. With the heavy labor removed from growing your own vegetables you can add to your lifestyle and Easy Vertical Garden. Creating a more pleasurable experience in gardening.