PBP Enterprises LLC

"Feed Fourself - Feed the World" Through Easy Vertical Gardening

Teach a child to garden and you will feed them for the rest of their Lives

EasySpaceSavingGarden.com is a New Adventure for PBP Enterprises LLC
When we decided to create a commercial website, we needed a product we could feel passionate about. We did not what to be selling product for the sake of selling. We needed something innovative.
The Garden Tower 2 or GT2 by Garden Tower Project qualifies on several levels.

Mission Statement:

PBP Enterprises LLC and Easy Space Saving Garden is dedicated to the Gardening Education of Children. Over the last generation, the art of gardening has been lost. most families in the 1960's gardened at least some of their foods. Less families throughout the 1980's & 1990's had gardens of their own. The Art of gardening passed the latest generation up. Most people in America between the age of 21 and 40 have never grown their own vegetables. Easy Space Saving Garden would like to make sure the next generation has the knowledge, experience and opportunity to stop this alarming trend. We also want to provide the Elderly an opportunity to garden once again and regain the fulfillment provided by growing your own food.